Friday, February 3, 2012

these little hands

and feet alike


        i've been a mother my entire adult life and i’d be lying if i told you that it's been strawberries and butterfly cakes every day. along with being a mom id been married since the age of 18, and that sucked more times than not. trying to find my barons somewhere in that relationship and find myself as well; beckoning to the call of mommy and wife and pushing nishalay as far back as i had ever @any point in life never proved to be a good thing. yes, we should be selfless however, being human and ones self is equally important.
        i remember when my girls were younger and motherhood didn’t seem so difficult. sure i worried just like the next mom about everything that concerned them, even if they hadn't yet come to the understanding that it concerned them. and of course there were definitely "those days". we all have those days, but it seemed that as long as i kept those little hands and feet as safe as i could then all was right in the land of nishalay. but now that life has moved forward, my marriage has come and gone, and nishalay once again exists; those hands are still important, but i am now equally so.

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