Friday, February 3, 2012

hump vs.antler

my daughter drew a picture of a camel @school the other day, and though she has proven to be a pretty talented lttle artist, especially for her  9yrs of age, these camel had antlers. I told her, as she showed me the picture, that camel didn't have antlers. she couldn't believe it. camel have always had antlers. later that evening she and i were watching a comercial with a bunch of moose in it (i cant recall which comercial it was off the top of my mind.) and she said to me, "see mommy." i knew exactlly what she was talking about and said," that's a moose." she  laughed and said, "oooohhhh." my response to her was that camel have humps not antlers. she laughed again and told me that she knew that and that's what she meant to draw...a few minutes went by and she said to me, "mommy, shouldn't they be called meese? goose are geese so moose are meese right?" i laughed so hard. that girl is awesome. keeps me going. 

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