Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Passing of Time



Memories of 2008:

This year has sped by so very quickly, reminding me just how time can pass when you're not looking. This year has been one that was filled with many blessings, tears, joys, sorrow and much love. Watching the girls grow and experience life in ways that only they know how, and trying to enjoy as much of it as I can take in. The ending of home school, the beginning of public and the new found freedom of having a piece of your life back but not knowing exactly what to do with it. The beginning of 1st grade, realizing that your baby isn't a baby any more. And the beginning of 3rd grade, wandering the simple question: "WHAT HAPPENED!?!" How did your first born grow so quickly. Experiencing the lost of little teeth and without any notice the lost of a dear friend.

Marquis has always been such a wonderful part of our lives, he is my friend more than anyone else's (of the Hopper family that is) He holds such an awe inspiring place in my heart and has impacted both mine and the girls lives in such a great way. I remember not wanting to tell the girls and even for a day pondering not telling them at all because of the tears that I wanted to spare them. But after a lot of thought and prayer I buckled down and went for it. I explained to them that Marquis had gone to live with Jesus. Kirston said,"You mean, he died?" I said, "Yes." She asked me what happened and than said to me, "But why did he have to die, he was one of my favorite people" I said, "I know, he is one of my favorite people too."
Him not being here is extremely odd to me and had someone told me that I wouldn't see, talk to or share any more of our special moments throughout "09" I wouldn't have believed it. He truly is the least likely to go. So full of life and always spreading it, yet the 3rd of Aug., 5 days shy of a month after his 24th birthday he went swimming in a pond and that was that. He is greatly missed and I'm sure somewhere in the world someone will always miss and love him. I know I will.

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